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Micro AR

Empowering Pathologists with Real-time Insights for Accurate Diagnostics and Unparalleled Precision

Revolutionizing Pathology with AI-Driven Precision and Timely Diagnostics. Our advanced platform leverages automation, digital technology, and AI to standardize sample review, minimize bias, and enhance analysis speed and accuracy.

MicroAR, is an advanced software platform designed to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of pathologists. Built upon extensive training with various incidents, including the recognition of osteosarcoma—a rare and challenging form of bone cancer—as well as fractures, MicroAR revolutionizes the field of pathology. With our platform, pathologists can make informed diagnostic decisions with greater precision and efficiency.

How it works

Unlike traditional methods that require costly equipment such as whole slide scanners, MicroAR simplifies the process by seamlessly integrating with existing microscopy systems. Pathologists can connect their microscope to their computer and navigate through the slide in real time. As they move the slide up, down, left, or right, our platform provides instantaneous feedback, accurately indicating the presence of osteosarcoma or fractures.

Experience the power of MicroAR as it transforms pathology workflows, empowering pathologists to deliver improved diagnostic outcomes. By combining cutting-edge technology with intuitive user interfaces, MicroAR is revolutionizing the field, enabling enhanced detection and analysis of complex conditions. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with MicroAR and unlock a new level of precision and efficiency in pathology diagnosis.


MicroAR operates through a sophisticated system that combines advanced image analysis and augmented reality technology to deliver powerful capabilities for microscopy analysis. Here's an overview of how the system works:

Data Acquisition

MicroAR accepts digital microscopy slide images as input. These images can be captured using a microscope and converted into a digital format suitable for analysis in real time.


Image Preprocessing

Before analysis, the acquired images undergo preprocessing steps to enhance their quality and optimize them for subsequent analysis. This may involve tasks such as noise reduction, color normalization, and image alignment.


AI-Powered Analysis

MicroAR utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques to analyze the digital microscopy images. The system's intelligent algorithms are trained on vast datasets and are capable of identifying and classifying various cellular structures, anomalies, and patterns within the images.


Augmented Reality Visualization

MicroAR takes advantage of augmented reality technology to provide an interactive and immersive visualization experience. Augmented reality overlays are applied to the analyzed images, allowing users to see additional information, annotations, or virtual objects superimposed on the real-world microscopy data.


Interactive Manipulation

Users can interact with the augmented reality interface to explore the analyzed images, manipulate the visualizations, and gain deeper insights into the cellular structures and anomalies detected by the system. This interactivity facilitates a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the analysis results.


Insights and Reporting

MicroAR provides users with detailed insights, quantitative measurements, and diagnostic indicators based on the analysis results. These insights can assist pathologists, scientists, and researchers in making informed decisions, aiding in precision diagnostics and research endeavors.

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