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Training data platform via your mobile phone

Data collection platform for AI model training via your mobile phone

One of the most important fields when thinking about successful AI practice is the creation and management of your training data. Training data collection and quality is one of the biggest challenges.

Netsystem AI is a data collection platform for AI model training that works through your mobile phone specialized for images. Providing an easy tool for data collection, it’s crucial for the depth and quality of your training data. Furthermore, our system guides the users to take the data needed most by the neural network.

You can take images from your mobile phone camera, classify, label them and collaborate with your team in an easy way. We will then be training *(Then, we are going to train) the Neural Network based on your data and make the same network give you feedback on your next data acquisition phase.

In New Media Soft we can provide you with our platform or we can offer the data collection and annotation services for you by our qualified staff.

How it works

   Data collection

Collect your images using only your mobile camera. NetSystem AI works in real time with continuous image detection via video capture. This unique technique makes it a user friendly tool for your annotators.

The more data you provide to your model the faster the model can learn from them and improve itself. Data's quality is also of high importance for model's performance.

   Data annotation

Image annotation tool works by identifying images to its class by advanced object detection. Each image annotation interface is designed to increase labeling productivity and efficiency to help reduce your efforts.

   Team collaboration

Collaboration made simple between tech teams & annotators. You can manage users on the platform. Each user can work on his own data .It’s an online tool designed to simplify collaboration.

   Training Neural Network

We train customized neural networks, evaluate the model using metrics and optimize it. Evaluation is a core part of building an effective machine learning model.

Model training and validation is continuous until we could offer you a high performance model and accurate results.

Data Annotation Services

Scaling up your annotation projects requires dedicated manpower, who can work inside your walls for sensitive data, or offshore. New Media Soft sources the manpower and quality partners to work directly on your labeling projects. Bring your privileged partners on board or work with our referenced actors.

Data collection can be noisy and costly, which is why it’s essential to design data collection workflows to capture high-quality data. With data being critical to every company’s success, especially when it comes to AI, there is added urgency for efforts that include data collection, data management, data storage, data access, data security, and more. Without a priority and dedicated thought to these, data may accidentally be mismanaged, making it useless to the company. Without proper data collection methods from the beginning, the rest of your data pipeline concerns will be a moot point.

To avoid losing one of your most valuable assets, work with a data collection services partner that understands rules, regulations, and implications of data collection, while leveraging technology to enable you to develop machine learning at scale.

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