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NetSystem AI

Data collection platform for AI model training via mobile phones

Unlock the power of mobile data collection for AI training with NetSystem AI. Seamlessly capture, classify, and collaborate to train your neural network for unprecedented accuracy and insights.

One of the most important issues when thinking about successful AI practice is the creation and management of your training data. Training data collection and quality is one of the biggest challenges.

NetSystem AI is a training data collection platform that works through your mobile phone specialized for images. Providing an easy tool for data collection, it’s crucial for the depth and quality of your training data. Furthermore, our system guides the users to take the data needed most by your neural network.

You can take images from your mobile phone camera, classify and label them while collaborating with your team in an easy way. We will then be training the Neural Network based on your data and make the same network give you feedback on your next data acquisition phase.

Features and main advantages


Mobile Data Collection

NetSystem AI leverages the power of mobile phones, allowing you to collect images effortlessly and in real time. This convenient feature eliminates the need for additional hardware, making data collection accessible and flexible.


Advanced Annotation Tools

The platform provides advanced image annotation tools that streamline the annotation process. From image classification to object detection, Netsystem AI enhances productivity and reduces effort, ensuring accurate and efficient data labeling.


Seamless Team Collaboration

Collaboration is made easy with NetSystem AI. You can manage users on the platform, assign tasks, and facilitate teamwork among your tech teams and annotators. This promotes efficient collaboration, ensuring everyone is aligned and working together towards common goals.


Customized Neural Network Training

NetSystem AI offers customized neural network training, based on your specific requirements. By optimizing and evaluating the model with your data, it provides high accuracy and precision, enabling you to achieve exceptional results in your AI applications.


Industry Versatility

NetSystem AI caters to various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, autonomous vehicles, security, and more. Its versatility allows it to address a wide range of use cases and deliver valuable solutions across different sectors.


Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

By leveraging NetSystem AI's capabilities, you can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your AI models. The platform's automated processes, coupled with advanced annotation and training features, result in more precise and reliable outcomes.


Cost-Effective Solution

NetSystem AI offers a cost-effective solution for data collection and training, eliminating the need for complex and expensive hardware setups. It allows you to leverage existing mobile devices and resources, making AI adoption more accessible and budget-friendly.

How it works

NetSystem AI empowers you to build custom AI applications that are accurate, efficient, and perfectly suited to your needs. Take your business to new heights with our cutting-edge technology and expert solutions. With NetSystem AI, creating custom AI applications becomes a seamless and efficient process. Here's a brief overview of our innovative approach:

Data Collection

Effortlessly gather images using just your mobile camera. Netsystem AI utilizes real-time image detection through video capture, making it a user-friendly tool for your annotators.

Data Annotation

Our advanced image annotation tool identifies and classifies images, employing cutting-edge object detection techniques. Each annotation interface is thoughtfully designed to maximize labeling productivity and minimize your workload.

Team Collaboration

Simplify collaboration between your tech teams and annotators. Our platform allows you to manage users and their respective data, enabling seamless teamwork. It's an online tool specifically crafted to streamline collaboration efforts.

Training Neural Network

Through evaluation metrics and optimization, we train a custom neural network tailored to your specific requirements. Our model undergoes rigorous training and validation using your data, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and precision.

Industries we serve

Our application can be utilized across various industries and serve as the software for developing numerous and diverse artificial intelligence applications that are beneficial in multiple fields.


Healthcare and Medical Imaging

NetSystem AI can assist in image analysis for medical diagnostics, pathology, radiology, and telemedicine applications.


Manufacturing and Quality Control

The platform can be utilized for visual inspection, defect detection, quality assurance, and process optimization in manufacturing and production environments.


Agriculture and Farming

The platform can aid in crop monitoring, disease detection, yield estimation, and precision agriculture techniques for optimized farming practices.


Security and Surveillance

The platform can assist in video analytics, facial recognition, and anomaly detection for improved security and surveillance systems.


Environmental Monitoring

NetSystem AI can be applied to analyze satellite imagery, aerial photography, and sensor data for environmental monitoring, disaster management, and conservation efforts.


Education and Research

The platform can support educational institutions and researchers in image analysis, data collection, and computer vision projects.

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