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Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with Augmented Reality and AI. Our innovative software app seamlessly connects your customers to context-specific product information through a simple scan, combining the power of AR and AI technology.

By leveraging QR codes placed on product packages or printed advertisements, Scan2AR offers the easiest way to deliver your message directly to your customers. With a quick scan of the QR code using their mobile phones, users unlock a world of augmented reality, revealing detailed product information or engaging in interactive games.

At Scan2AR, we specialize in playable experiences and gamification, utilizing these techniques to enhance messaging, drive sales, educate customers, and improve interactions. By incorporating gamified elements, we create connected experiences that generate awareness and educate consumers about your brand's unique positioning and messaging.

Experience the power of Scan2AR as it transforms customer engagement, empowering brands to deliver immersive experiences, drive sales, and foster stronger connections with their target audience. Let Scan2AR be your gateway to enhanced customer interactions and elevated marketing strategies.


Markets we served


Retail and Consumer Goods

Our innovative solution transforms customer engagement for retail and consumer goods companies. By providing augmented reality experiences and gamification, it enhances product messaging, drives sales, educates customers, and improves interactions.


Advertising and Marketing

Revolutionizing traditional advertising, our platform utilizes QR codes and augmented reality to deliver context-specific product information and engaging experiences. It enables brands to create interactive campaigns, boost brand awareness, and optimize marketing messages.


Food and Beverage Industry

Elevate your brand in the food and beverage industry by educating consumers about new flavors, product launches, and brand commitments. Our solution helps drive awareness, enhance consumer education, and deliver a gamified experience to engage customers.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

Promote your CSR initiatives and sustainability programs effectively. Leveraging connected experiences and gamification, educate consumers about your brand's commitment to CSR and sustainability, fostering awareness and engagement.


Sales Promotions and Sampling

Drive sales and engage customers by offering discounts, vouchers, and direct sampling through our augmented reality experience. Our platform serves as a connection point with customers, guiding them to nearby stores or participating locations for product availability.


Market Research and Consumer Insights

Gain valuable data through quizzes, loyalty cards, and other features to gain insights into consumer behavior. Optimize your marketing strategies and refine messaging based on customer preferences.

By addressing these specific markets, Scan2AR provides an innovative solution that enhances customer engagement, drives awareness, and delivers immersive experiences tailored to each industry's unique needs.


Unlock the true potential of your brand with Scan2AR's game-changing applications. Engage audiences like never before with cutting-edge augmented reality and elevate your marketing strategies, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience with Scan2AR's immersive and innovative approach.


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